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     Promoting Wellness for Older Adults by        Sharing Meaningful Musical Experiences 


Sunshine Music Therapy focuses on providing music therapy to enhance the quality of life for all older adults by sharing meaningful musical experiences.  

We assist our elders to not only meet their therapeutic goals but also to discover and experience the joy of making music that we create together.  Sunshine Music Therapy is ready to help older adults, care partners, and eldercare facilities find the positive benefits of creating music through music therapy, therapeutic music lessons, and community choirs. 


   "Music therapy can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation

and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort -- between demoralization and dignity."

       Barbara Crowe (past president of the National Association for Music Therapy)

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Sunshine Music Therapy 

    In 2016, my wife Jean, was diagnosed with early onset  Alzheimer's disease.  Since that time we have become fierce advocates to raise awareness and have participated in many programs to create the best quality of life for her. In January of 2020 we signed up for the Banner Alzheimer's Institute "Shine Your Light Choir".  We both are lovers of music and wanted an opportunity to engage in the class together and were eager to meet others.  We attended a few in person classes with great enthusiasm and enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people. 

    When the pandemic struck and the world began isolating we were delighted to learn the class would continue "virtually" via Zoom. This class has literally been a lifeline in our lives. 

We both look forward to our Friday sessions with music and our friends.  These sessions have become a tool for staying connected and having the human interaction that we all need while maintaining our social distancing lives.

We share so much more than music and memories....we are sharing this human experience.  We hope others will consider joining so they too are able reap the benefits we've experienced for themselves. 

- Kathy Norris  Wilhelm, Sept. 2020

    Ms. Lee made a positive difference in my husband’s life.

Al had Parkinson’s disease and though he never complained, his physical and mental health was gradually failing.  We discussed having private lessons from Sun Joo Lee, a music therapist who was our choir director. 

    Sun Joo came to our home every Monday for several years. Sometimes she brought musical instruments; she always brought a positive attitude.  Al looked forward to their sessions.  He gained vocal strength; in addition to working muscles, his mind was engaged.  I would hear them from the other room.

    Ms. Lee was reliable, arriving on time as scheduled, and after their musical interactions, Al felt better.  His day brightened. When she left, even at times with great effort, Al would walk her to the door.  These individual sessions really helped my husband.


    - Donna Williams Rosenheck,  Sept. 2020

 Sunshine Music Therapy In Action 

Passport To Music


Sunshine Music Therapy collaborates with Banner Alzheimer's Institute to change the mindset of people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.   Watch the PBS feature on this program, Passport to Music

 Currently, Passport to Music is offered via Zoom. Would You Like to Join Us? 

Tremble Clefs of Arizona


Sun Joo Lee, the founder of Sunshine Music Therapy directs Tremble Clefs, a therapeutic singing group for people with Parkinson's disease.

Would You Like To Learn About This Group?

Visit their website, 

This year has been challenging for all of us. This song is dedicated to all older adults

who have special needs.  Sun Joo Lee, the founder of Sunshine Music Therapy,

shares her love for the people she serves during COVID-19

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