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"Seven years ago, I was fortunate to meet Sun Joo Lee through the recommendation of Banner Alzheimer’s Institute.  My deceased wife (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) and I attended the music therapy programs for several years in Tempe.  It was the highlight of her week as she became more aware during the therapy session and loved to attend with others.  Her favorite song was "Only You", and she sang it every week during the therapy session.  As she was passing Sun Joo unselfishly came to our home to sing her out of this life – a Danish tradition – with her favorite song.  When the opportunity presented itself to start a Non-Profit for those with age related illnesses in the southeast valley, I requested the services of Sun Joo to develop, manage and present the Music Therapy sessions.  Sun Joo is exceptionally talented in her field with advanced degrees in Music and Music Therapy.  In addition to excelling academically in her field, she has the interpersonal skills to excite and motivate her attendees. She is loved and respected by all of those attending her sessions."  

-Wayne Mangold

President Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partner 

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