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Individual (Private) Music Therapy

We provide private individual music therapy sessions to older    adults to enhance their quality of life by sharing meaningful musical experiences.

You are invited to enjoy a profound and interactive music experience to meet your needs with our 

board-certified music therapists. Both healthy seniors and seniors in care-facilities, including rehabilitative care-facilities, can benefit from individual music therapy sessions. We create a client-centered musical environment to help our clients reach their specific goals by addressing personal interests through singing, music listening, moving to music, or playing instruments.  

We also offer Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) for people with neurological disorders.  

Click here to learn more about NMT.

  • Combating feelings of loneliness

  • Increasing engagement

  • Creating positive interactions 

  • Improving long-term memory: We invite you to reminisce by using songs that you love. 

  • Improving cognitive function

  • Improving gross and fine motor skills

  • Increasing self-expression: Music becomes an outlet to freely express your feelings and emotions in a non-threatening environment. 

  • Increasing new social opportunities

  • Decreasing anxiety, confusion, stress, and pain

What Are The Benefits From Private Sessions? 

The Population We Serve

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP)


  • Stroke


  • Ataxia


  • Depression 


  • Neurologic injuries 


  • Adults with Down syndrome


  • Rehabilitation


  • Hospice care and bereavement 


  • Short-term and long-term care facilities


  • Older adults with other physical and cognitive challenges 

  • Older adults without these conditions who just do not want to miss out on the fun

         We also celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries!!


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What You Can Expect At Individual Music Therapy Sessions 

  • A therapist visits the client’s home (or confers online) for an initial personal consultation

     and evaluation.

  • It is helpful for care-partners to participate in this meeting.

  • During that first visit questions will be asked about the client’s health, interests, needs, music preferences and musical background if any (none required).


  • The music therapist will conduct an assessment test to measure the strength and needs of

      the client in order to develop a plan for music therapy sessions. 


  • A recommended frequency and length of sessions will be determined from the assessment test.


  • Care-partners are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and upon request will be provided a weekly or monthly progress (written/video) report when not present for sessions. 

  • As the client meets the original established goals, the therapist conducts additional assessment tests to determine new goals and the direction of therapy sessions.

  • Clients will experience a wide range of musical activities during music therapy sessions,

      such as: 






  1. Movement to music 

  2. Meditation with music 

  3. Sing-along with personal favorite songs 

  4. Playing a variety of instruments such as guitar, drums, and other percussive instruments 

  5. Song writing  

   (You will make songs with your therapist--we make it a fun, easy, and enjoyable musical activity.) 

  6.  Discussion of songs


Man Playing Guitar
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions through 

                    Home visit                  or                Online visit  

  • Duration options

     (30, 45, or 60 minutes)

  • Weekly or monthly progress notes if desired 


Children Playing Bongo Drums
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