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             Community Choir

     Lifting Our Voices For Healthy Aging 

Sunshine Music Therapy specializes in helping you start your own community choir program that invites seniors to sing for fun while reaping the physical and mental benefits of a choral experience.  Our programs are designed for seniors not only to emphasize wellness but also to increase health benefits from singing by allowing participants to interact with others in various social settings. 


 Did you know singing can significantly help seniors with neurological diseases? 

Recent studies have shown that singing is an effective therapeutic intervention for people with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.  Singing helps improve the symptoms of these neurological conditions by enhancing the neuroplasticity of the brain. 

Singing enhances the neuroplasticity of the brain 

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to improve over time with training.  

Our brain continues to develop and make new pathways and connections even when certain areas are damaged.  Singing can assist the brain in re-organizing and creating new neural pathways to undergo changes. 

         The Benefits Of Singing For Seniors 

Improvement in Overall Health 

Improvement in Overall Quality of Life

  • Singing directly impacts on the overall brain functionality by promoting active 

     learning and memorization.

  • Singing provides the emotional regulators in the brain by releasing chemicals like dopamine. Dopamine makes you feel uplifted and rewarded.

  • Singing is like an aerobic activity.  

    It boosts your immunity by improving       posture and increasing lung capacity. 

  • Singing improves the ability to communicate even for those with speech difficulties.

  • Singing provides the exercises for the muscles that are also utilized for speaking. 

Being a part of a choir can create a social network for seniors.  This regular activity builds new relationships and creates meaningful entertainment to look forward to. Seniors who enjoy singing have experienced some of the following

quality-of-life changes:

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Improved interaction with others

     in social settings

  • Reduced anxiety and isolation 

  • Lowered risk of depression

Where to Begin?

Click to Start Your Own Community Choir

Sunshine Music Therapy Offers Community Choir Programs to Various Senior Groups    

A therapeutic singing group for people with Parkinson's disease, care givers, and family members

A therapeutic singing group for people with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, their care partners, and volunteers.

A women's chorale to promote strength, diversity, and joy by performing high quality music for entertaining, inspiring and serving the community

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