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Music Therapy For Elder Care Facilities 

 Are You Working for An Elder Care Organization? 


Sunshine Music Therapy assists eldercare professionals in bringing music therapy to your facility.  If you work for a hospice facility, nursing home, assisted living facility, group home, or adult daycare center, we are here to help you expand your service with supportive and engaging music therapy programs.

We implement interesting and therapeutic music experiences with your elders by creating customized music therapy programs that increase resident satisfaction and quality of life.  Our resources and services can support your community in promoting a positive and healthy environment for seniors. 

     How Can We Help? 


1. We offer individual and group music therapy programs for your community.


2. We will assist you in creating an on-going personalized music experience in your         facility:

   * Choir - group singing
   * Instrumental group with guitar or ukulele 
   * Music listening and discussion group
   * Movement to music group

   * And many more...

3. We will help you plan and implement musical activities for special events such as a     significant anniversary, birthday, holiday, and music entertainment. 

                 What is the right program for my facility?

                                   Click to explore 


Is your facility closed to visitors?

Do you still want your residents to be active and connected?

                            Music is the way to go! 

We support our elder care facilities by providing online music therapy services

during COVID-19.  All services are available via Zoom and other applications. 

Sunshine Music Therapy invites you to access the benefits of music therapy during this stressful time.  Our virtual music therapy programs decrease the challenges of social distancing during COVID-19 and engage your residents in an activity that engenders staying positive and active.  

Your residents would eagerly look forward to a virtual music therapy program during this challenging time when access to others is severely restricted.  The virtual session also avoids the need for transportation.  This format creates an online space where multiple residents, in different rooms, 

or even across the country, can join together to promote wellness through music!


 Ready to Start A Program 

for Your Residents?



             Want To Learn How The Brain

                     Processes Music?

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