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  Community Outreach Programs 

Sunshine Music Therapy is a people-oriented organization and serves the community to which you belong

   Are You Looking for A Community Group Music Therapy Program to Join?


Sunshine Music Therapy reaches out to the heath-care communities to share the benefits of music therapy and help individuals meet their needs.  Our programs always meet the needs of those we serve by providing joyful musical experiences to inspire positive changes in their lives.  Our music therapists help participants to regain strength and attain outcomes they deserve by sharing meaningful engagements with others. 

 Would You Consider Partnering with Us to Build A Customized Music Therapy Program Tailored Just for Your Community? 


    Sunshine Music Therapy works with the following types of communities: 


Sessions provide opportunities for music lovers to come together to sing, play rhythms, and move to music. The program is designed not only to improve memory but also to enhance quality of life through music and social interaction with others.

No musical background is required.

All that’s needed is a love of music! 










Memory Care

1. Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners

2. Making Music Making Memories         


3. Memory Café at Jewish Family & Children’s Service


Parkinson's Care

1. Neurologic Music Therapy for Parkinson’s

Designed for people with Parkinson’s disease to improve movement, gait, and balance through drumming and rhythm. 


2. Troon Tunes

Focuses on voice enhancement for people with Parkinson’s disease.  It provides exercise to strengthen the speaking voice by learning breathing methods and vocal techniques. 

All Other Adults

1. Benevilla 

We assist Benevilla in accomplishing their mission of caring for the needs of older adults and reach beyond the individual to the entire family.  Our music therapy programs promote health and well-being by supporting older adults including adults with disabilities and the families who care for them.

We offer a wide variety of specialized music therapy programs for older adult communities by focusing on continuing needs and support for older adults and their caregivers and families. 



Do Any of Program These Programs Fit Your Needs and Interests? 

    Would You Like to Start Your Community Program Now? 


Want To See A Community Program

In Action? 

Sun Singers is a music therapy group for people with neurological disease in Sun Lakes, Arizona 

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